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Structure in Nature is a Strategy for Design

The MIT Press, 1978, 1990

Structure in Nature Is a Strategy for Design was Pearce’s first published book and presents the research and theoretical developments initiated with his Graham fellowship work from 1965-66.

The book explores the geometry and structure of systems in nature drawn from the fields of crystallography, biology, botany, physics, and metallography, as they might apply to high-performance building systems design. This theoretical work formed the basis for all subsequent physical systems that Pearce designed and developed for architectural scale applications. It also informs the entire body of his design work including toys, playground structures, systems building, furniture, and architecture. The completion of the book was supported by a supplemental grant from the Graham Foundation and a grant from the Architectural Division of the National Endowment for the Arts. The final form of the book was submitted to The MIT Press in the mid-1970s and was first published in 1978. This book is still available from The MIT Press, amazon.com, The Buckminster Fuller Institute (bfi.org), and other sources.