Snow Crystals and Great Shapes

These two multiplayer board games involve the perception and matching of patterns that reside on planar polygons. In the case of Snow Crystals, a simple rhombus is printed with segments of snow crystal patterns. The object of the game is to match segments to complete given snow crystal configurations in a continuous tiling without gaps. The winner is the first player to use all of the titles issued to them. Each player begins the game with an equal number of randomly chosen tiles. Great Shapes is also a game of perception and pattern recognition. However, this game is based on three polygons: triangle, square, and hexagon. Each polygon is symmetrically subdivided with a family of three different colors (red, blue, and green). The patterns and colors must match in a continuous tiling without gaps. Like Snow Crystals, the winner is the first player to place all of their tiles.


NetResults is a three-dimensional strategy game based on spatial network morphology. Two or three players (or teams) can play. The game is comprised of equal-length branches and uniform nodes. There are branches of three different colors, a color for each player. The object is to build a continuous spatial network according to certain rules of assembly. The role of a single dice determines the number of branches that can be added in a given turn. There are certain blocking strategies that can be employed to slow the progress of the competing player(s). The game involves the ability to visualize in three dimensions and to anticipate possible spatial trajectories within the rubric of the network constraints.