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Urban Spacing

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These photographs were taken in 1959 in the then-segregated city of Savannah, Georgia. These were wandering-around photographs that attempt to capture the varied aspects of daily life experiences of that segregated era. Hopefully, these black and white photographs capture the contrasts and feel of that southern town before the civil rights movement really took hold. The last image in this sequence is of semi-abandon buildings on the riverfront. Since that time desegregated Savannah has been transformed with extensive building restoration programs, both private and public, and a palpable tolerance for diversity.

San Francisco

These photographs resulted from wandering around San Francisco in 1959. As a result, spontaneous opportunities arose to capture images that convey the unique spatial experience that is San Francisco. These photographs were made with a 200 mm telephoto lens using a handheld 35mm camera. The telephoto lens somewhat exaggerates the spatial displacements of San Francisco by compressing distances. However, the net effect is a closer approximation of the actual sense of the spatial experience of San Francisco.