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First Principles

Peter Pearce’s high-performance design strategy has been driven by a relentless quest to discover and understand first principles: the underlying immutable variables governing optimum design possibilities independent of cultural bias. The creation of form in Nature is the embodiment of such first principles and is the prototype for high-performance design.

In Nature form is an agent of performance exhibiting patterns of least energy and optimized structure. Whether organic or inorganic nature’s form is an energy-conserving diagram of forces that is optimized through adaptation to the environment – through natural selection. Pearce draws both inspiration and specific technical ideas from the study of these least energy patterns found in nature.

Pearce considers this high-performance design approach a necessary strategy for the achievement of sustainabilityandresilience in the built environment. It is a strategy in which form, structure, process, and materials are fully integrated to create products of exceptional performance, long life, and durable appearance.