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Climbing Clusters

The Climbing Cluster structures represent a non-orthogonal alternative to the classic steel frame jungle gym. Based upon fully triangulated frames of steel tubing, complex and unfamiliar geometries are implemented. Adding various types of panels to the frames creates opportunities for highly varied configurations to be assembled from a simple prefabricated set of standard components. Platforms and enclosures can be created within the framework structures. Children can combine imaginative play with physical exercise. Traditional slides, spiral slides, and other ancillary components can be integrated into the Climbing Cluster assemblies as well. Also, the sophisticated geometry of these structures enables configurations to adapt to varying topographies. The Climbing Cluster system is currently not available.

Aspen Design Conference 1978

Los Coyotes Park, Anaheim, CA 1981

Carson Park, Carson, CA 1981

Chicago Preschool, Chicago, Illinois 1981

Olive Avenue Park, Burbank, CA 1983

Greenwich Village Park, NYC 1983

Tanahey Park, Lower Manhattan, NYC 1986

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 1991